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Bisbee wall flowers from off the wall in Bisbee


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The following are Bisbee Wall flowers as planted and grown.

purchase a few by contacting Rodney

bisbee wall flower tall pot

Porch Pots are available,
Price is negotiated by size and delivery date.

e-mail Rodney and ask for a cost estimate and delivery

abisbee wall flower short pot

Bisbeewall flowers can be
placed individually in beds where flowers don't usually grow.
  No water is required.

bisbee wall flower waterless beds

bisbee wall flower waterless beds 2

Individual flowers can be purchased at locations around Tucson.
A list will be provided. you can provide your own vase as shown below.

bisbee wall flowers in a  vase
Individual flowers sell from this website for $2 each plus shipping.

Large pots with solar lamps and many wall flowers Start at $250.


purchase a few by contacting Rodney

metal works:

bisbeewall flowers stand-priceless-not for sale

other examples:

bisbeewall flowers vine

bisbeewall flower box canvas

bisbeewall flower box on 10 11 2007

bisbee smith grave with wallflowers

bisbeewall flowe canvas poster quality

I have a collection of these colorfull images and more at: